Chess, is a very fun but complicated game it stretches the mind. The most commonly held belief is that chess originated in India, where it was called Chaturanga, which appears to have been invented in the 6th century AD. Although this is commonly believed, it is thought that Persians created a more modern version of the game after the Indians.The game has a a very simple setup, there are 32 pieces to the game 16 to each player and the goal is to keep your king safe as the other team tries to attack the other team. Click here to learn more how to play chess.


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Checkers is a similar game but with pieces  and intentions for the game itself. Checkers or Draughts, as it is known in Great Britain, has ancient roots. It is thought that the earliest form of checkers was a game discovered in an archeological dig at Ur in Iraq. Carbon dating makes it appear that this game was played around 3000 B.C. However, the game used a slightly different board, a different number of pieces and no one is quite certain of the exact rules. So it is similar to chess.

Another fun game is solitaire.  I know you are thinking ” oh solitaire an old person game”. But it is a very fun and entertaining game. The game is most likely German or Scandinavian in origin. The game became popular in France in the early 19th Century reaching England and America in the latter half. Patience, or solitaire as it is known in the US and Canada, is a genre of card games that can be played by a single player. Patience games can also be played in a head-to-head fashion with the winner selected by a scoring scheme.